ICO has Begun!

HUMENA™ is a blockchain based marketplace for Human Enhancement products.

General Information

To expand business,  HUMENA Group has undertaken an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) through HUMENA CLUB, based entity wholly owned by HUMENA Group (USA).

HUMENA CLUB was granted rights from HUMENA Group to develop up to 100 projects for meditation, prayers, entertainment and sports in all related market segments. Each project cost is estimated anywhere from $1 million to $2 million, based on our prior business experience.

Issuer information:

– ISSUER – HUMENA CLUB a wholly owned subsidiary of HUMENA Group (USA)
– Jurisdiction of issuance – Nevis
– Legal qualification – Utility Tokens
– HUMENA Token name – Astrals (Abbreviate – AST)
– Accepted currency – Ethers (ETH)

ICO duration – 360 days

Daily Astral Distribution

Current Period

Astral Tokens (AST)


Total Astral Tokens (AST) 

Ends in:



ETH Received During Current 24-Hour Distribution

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Please be aware that the countdown clock is used just for reference and may differ from the Ethereum network time.

ICO details

Date of ICO Start – May 31st, 2018

• First 15 days = 90,000,000 Astrals (6,000,000 tokens per day).

• Second 15 days = 60,000,000 Astrals (4,000,000 tokens per day).

• Consecutive 330 days = 660,000,000 Astrals (2,000,000 tokens per day).

• Token price is set by contributors every day.

• Minimum amount for contribution is = 0.01ETH

Formula for Token distribution and price:
Number of Astrals distributed to an authorized purchaser:

          𝑝 = 𝑎 ∗ b/c;

     𝑎 – Total ETH contributed by a certain purchaser during the period.
     𝑏 – Total number of Astral Tokens available in the period.
     c – Total ETH contributed by all purchasers during the period.
     p – Number of Astral Tokens dedicated to a purchaser after the period.

For example: Total ETH contributed – 10; Total Astrals available that day – 2,000,000; You contributed 1 ETH. You will get 200,000 Astral Tokens.

• Tokens will be reserved for HUMENA Group in exchange of 100 B2B Projects IP rights – 810,000,000 Tokens.

Astral Ecosystem after ICO

The picture below illustrates the Astral ecosystem after ICO: